“Do not compromise on the quality and your customers will not negotiate on the price.”

Amit Kalantri

Our Speciality

Brass Age specialises in the supply of premium quality, mirror, polished, solid brass components and tubing for the manufacturing of: Footrails, Balustrading, Screens and Overbar units.

The Right Systems

Our system meets the specialist needs of architects, interior designers and contractors who operate in the hospitality, leisure, commercial and domestic sectors.

“You must have a supplier relationship of constant improvement.”

Edward Deming

Design, Assembly & Manufacturing

We stock a vast range of standard solid brass components and also offer a specialised design, assembly and manufacturing service. Complete pre-cut and assembled balustrades, barrier rails and other decorative systems are supplied for site installation. We supply safety toughened and laminated glass meeting the most stringent specifications.


To meet the demands of modern design concepts and specifications our systems, our systems also accommodates alternative railing and balustrading options, as shown in our new colour brochure. These options include quality brushed or polished stainless steel tubing with solid brass components


Architectural Brass & Stainless Steel

Meet the team

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    Albert Operations

Architectural Brass

Architectural brass or Manganese brass has an unlimited life span due to its durability to atmospheric corrosion.  The brass develops an aesthetically pleasing chcolate brown colour due to the development of an oxide film around the brass which also allows it to ‘self-heal’ an superficial scratches.  Architects are particularly fond of brass due to its durable nature and appearance, using them for structure aesthetics as well as ornamental pleasure balustrades and handrails.  

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a type of steel that comes in many different grades to suit the environment in which it needs to endure.  The alloy is made up of many different elements that aid in making the steel resistant to corrosion and staining.  Thus making it the ideal material when looking for something with both strength, durability and corrosion resistance to work with.  Stainless steels can be made into bars, tubing, surgical instruments, cutlery as well as industrial equipment.

Custom Fabrication &  Quality Manufacturing

We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality, durable and precise detailing and finishes in our work.  We give the opportunity for designers and architects to create their own work by designing the product the need themselves and submitting it to us, thus ensuring the best possible product for the look you are going for.  Your design will be reviewed and manufactured for the best possible outcome and efficiency in the piece you create.

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